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VIDEO: Black Woman In Wheelchair Smokes ‘Blunt’ On Subway, Thrown Off Train!!

Woman in wheelchair smokes ‘blunt’ on subway, thrown off train new york 1x1.trans

Cell phone video footage went viral on Wednesday after a bystander captured a wheelchair-bound woman smoking a ‘blunt’ on the subway and subsequently being thrown off the train, wheelchair and all.


The footage reportedly shows a woman on an M train as an enraged passenger tells her to stop smoking or get off.

“Get the f–k off my train!” the male passenger shouts.

“That s–t goofy,” he later says, which seems to anger the woman in the chair.

“If you smoke marijuana, why you don’t know what it is?” she asks.

The woman then begins to yell incoherently as the man makes several violent threats against her, including one threat to throw her off the train.

“I’ll smack you and that hat, and that blunt,” he says. “Everybody on this train, I’m decking that b—h…Word, gangsta.”

However, while the woman can be seen sprawled out on the ground of a subway station later in the video, it’s unclear if the man who was arguing with her is the one who threw her out.

Of course, smoking on the subway is just not something you should do in New York, but most people are more upset at the way the man treated the woman than at her decision to smoke.

You can watch the footage of the interaction below.


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