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VIDEO: A Mysterious Sea Creature Is Decomposing On An Indonesian Beach!!

The inhabitants of an island in the Indonesian archipelago fear that a gigantic corpse of a marine mammal, stranded on a beach, will pollute the waters. Its state of decomposition is so advanced that it is difficult to determine what species it is.

A huge 15-meter-long marine creature was discovered on Hulung Beach, Seram Island, Indonesia, on Tuesday, 9 May.

According to the Jakarta Globe , it was Asrul Tuanakota, a 37-year-old man, who discovered him first. The man first confused the immense corpse with a stranded ship. Since then, photos and videos have been circulating on social networks, but the species to which the creature belongs is still unknown. Giant squid, big sperm whale? Islanders and Internet users speculate.

Several videos published by a local villager show the creature decomposing little by little, blushing the water around it.

The newspaper Detik  reports that marine scientists came to collect samples of the beast on Thursday, May 11. The natives also flock to observe the huge carcass, whose death dates back at least 3 days, according to specialists. A military team monitors the site and residents have asked the local authorities to help them remove the corpse from the water so it does not contaminate the area.


Probably a baleen whale

Marcus Chua, a researcher at the Museum of Natural History Lee Kong Chian of Singapore, told Mashable that it was most likely a baleen whale, also known as a baleen whale or “real whale”. This subcategory includes Minke’s humpback whales and whales.

“Considering the stage of decomposition, it is impossible to determine whether it is a humpback whale”

“Based on the photos and videos and the advanced stage of decomposition, it is impossible to determine whether or not it is a humpback whale,” the expert, who is also a mammal and Birds at the Museum of the National University of Singapore. The carcass is unlikely to be a giant squid, especially since no giant squid has been found in Indonesian waters.

When large marine creatures like humpback whales die, they float in the ocean and their bodies can be devoured by scavengers. Marcus Chua points out that the fate of the corpses that touch the coasts is different: “They decompose along beaches or are taken away by men, either for scientific purposes or when considered as a threat to health. ”

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