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VIDEO: A Mexican Actor From Telenovela Slaps A Journalist During Interview

A Mexican star from Telenovela made the front page of several media outlets for a somewhat inappropriate behavior on the red carpet on Tuesday when he lost his composure and slapped a journalist.

Mexican star Telenovela, 57-year-old Eduardo Yanez, slapped Paco Fuentes, a Univision reporter, on the Hollywood red carpet.
According to TMZ, he is now under criminal investigation after the journalist has filed a complaint with the competent authorities for assault.A Mexican actor from Telenovela slaps a journalist: VIDEO

One can see Paco in the video ask questions on the page GoFundMe of the son of Eduardo, when things began to take another turn.

Eduardo’s son set up a GoFundMe page to pay for a car he had just bought.
His son and he have a tense relationship that became public last June, after the son accused his famous father on Twitter of being a drug addict, racist and woman abuser.

A Mexican actor from Telenovela slaps a journalist: VIDEO


During the interview, Paco asks Eduardo why his son does not ask his father for money.
Eduardo replied in Spanish: “If you worry so much for my son, you send him the money”.

The reporter replied that he was just doing his job and reminded Eduardo that the press is the link between public figures and people.

At this point, Eduardo accuses Paco of trying to make a big deal of the situation by insulting him, adding, “You are the link between nothing and stop disrespecting me.”

Paco began to explain that he had never lacked respect, but in the middle of his sentence, Eduardo stretches out his hand and strikes him on the face.

A Mexican actor from Telenovela slaps a journalist: VIDEO

The assault was filmed and became viral with fans urging Paco to sue him. Eduardo, who allegedly had a history of violence with journalists, subsequently tweeted an apology in Spanish.

Eduardo wrote: “I want to ask a sincere apology to the public and the person affected by my action. It was not correct. My personal life is not for sale “.

Watch the video below …


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