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VIDEO: 3-Year Old Girl Steals Pope Francis’ Skull Hap Off His Head!!

The entertaining bravery of Estella Westrick, a 3 year old young lady to remove the Pope’s skull hap is already causing a stir on social media.

At the point when her family took her to meet the Pope after his Wednesday audience, she attempted to take his skullcap!

Video shows a Vatican aide, known as a Papal Gentleman, lifting Estella to meet the Pope.

As the Pope plants a kiss on Estella, she reaches for his zucchetto and removes it from his cap.

“Right before she went up she was a little nervous,” her godfather Mountain Butorac told CNN. “Then she stole his hat. It was hilarious, everyone was laughing including the Pope.”


Estella is visiting her godfather with her parents from Atlanta. “It’s her first full day in Rome, who knows what she will get up to tomorrow,” Butorac joked.



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