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VIDEO: 10 Simple Steps to Nailing Contour, Highlight Perfectly

Highlight and contour can be done very easy enough to adopt into everyday wear and still produce perfect results!

The beauty trend- looking like one to set to be around forever- gives a natural overall feel to a makeup look by casting shadows (contour) where they should be and light on areas of the face where they should be (highlight).

Highlight and contour

Highlight and contour helps to achieve a chiseled finish/facial features when done properly. The trick to a flawless highlight and contour is to blend in all the harsh areas so much that lines are not visible.

In easy steps:

1.  Do the brows, define them as neatly as possible.

2.  Apply foundation, building up the type of coverage (medium or full coverage) gently dabbing into the skin.

3. Apply highlighter (usually lighter) under the eyes (to hide dark circles), on the bridge of the nose, the cupid bow, the chin and the forehead (the space in between the brows).

Highlight and contourHighlighting and contouring in easy steps


4. Apply the contour (a darker shade) around the cheekbones, the sides of the nose and edges to cast shadow around the face.

5. Let the products dry a little bit on the face

6. Work in the highlight into the skin with a beauty blender, blending in properly.


7. Go in with a brush to blend in the contour in short circular motions, making sure to get all the harsh lines out

Highlight and contourApply highlighter (usually lighter) under the eyes and contour (a darker shade) around the cheekbones


8. Apply setting powder under the eyes, on the bridge of the nose, forehead and chin area and allow to bake.

9. Apply eyeshadow as desired and blend, fix lashes etc while leaving the setting powder to bake.

10. Dust off excess setting powder and blend. Apply bronzer and voila!

Check out the list of products used to achieve a flawless highlight and contour:

  1. Primer: A&D

  2. Foundation: Black Radiance (Butter Scotch)

  3. Cream Contour & Highlight: LA Girl Pro Concealer

  4. Setting Powder: Ben Nye Banana Powder

  5. Brow Pencil: Wet N Wild (simmer brown)

  6. Lashes: Siren

  7. Highlight: Mac Global Glow

  8. Eyeshadow:

  9. beige- Mac’s Naked

  10. brown- any bronzer, I used Black Radiance’s

  11. Liner: Wet N Wild’s liquid liner

  12. Lipliner: NYX (chestnut)


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