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‘Very Rare’!! Following The Infidelity Of Their Mother, They Are Twins, But Do Not Have The Same Father!!

An extremely rare case of twins born to different fathers was revealed on Tuesday by Vietnam’s health authorities. The discovery was made following a DNA test carried out on these twins in a laboratory in Hanoi, at the request of their parents, whose identity has not been revealed.

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Two different fathers
“Our genetic testing center carried out tests and discovered that these twins had two fathers,” said Dinh Luong, chairman of the Vietnam Genetics Association, working under the aegis of Ministry of Health. He emphasized the “rarity” of this phenomenon, which occurs when two oocytes of the mother are fertilized by two different men, during sexual intercourse during the same period of ovulation.

A very rare fact
The number of pairs of twins identified as being born from different fathers is estimated to be around ten worldwide.

The official father
‘This is suspicions According to the daily Tuoi Tre, everything started with a request to test the paternity of the official father, anxious to check if he was indeed the biological father of two twins of his wife, one of which seemed to him Not having the air of a family.

The tests showed that he was the father of only one of the two babies, while his wife is the biological mother of the two children, now two years old.

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