Verdun Terrace; the Cheapest English Street Where You Can Buy a House for the Price of a Car

Residents of an old mining community were surprised to learn that their village was home to the cheapest street in England. Yet, despite some problems, this is not the worst place to live, residents said at The Sun.

The British newspaper  The Sun  cited the cheapest street  in Wales  and England. Thus, a house returns to £ 18,000, or just over 20,500 euros. So to save money, destination Cornforth, in County Durham.

According to the statistics quoted by the newspaper and based on the land register data, a house in the Verdun Terrace Street of this former mining community will cost you only 18,233 pounds. The street is located on a hill and consists of a row of terraced houses some of which currently seem empty.

88-year-old Ronald Barton, who has been living there for 59 years, said, “I think the street is about 100 years old … Living here is good, it has had its ups and downs.”


Ian Gibbons, 58, who has lived in the village for nearly 50 years, said he was surprised to see Verdun Terrace as the cheapest street in the country, but noted that there were some difficulties in the area.

“The main problem is the lack of access for vehicles,” he said.

In addition, he cited the closure of almost every cafe in the last 20 years. “There were 13 pubs, there is only one,” he said.

But 18,000 pounds sterling, or 20,500 euros, is the equivalent of what a Parisian or a Muscovite would put in the purchase of a car. It would scarcely be enough for them to pay for half of the bathroom!

The Sun


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