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Venezuela Valueless Currency Now Used to Make Handicrafts (Video)

Venezuelan craftsmen use their currency, the Venezuelan bolivar, to make small crafts: sculptures, handbags and wallets. The value of the bolivar fell by 86.6% in five months against the euro.

The Venezuelan congress states that annual inflation reached 24,600% in May. The minimum wage is so insignificant that a worker can scarcely buy a bottle of pop. As a result, citizens decided to use their know-how by turning the tickets into small crafts.


José Leon is one of the craftsmen who produce products with the Venezuelan bolivar. This braid the tickets of 50 and 100 bolivars. The manufactured items are sold between 10 and 15 dollars. The largest handbag made by Leon costs 100,000 bolivars.

According to the IMF, the inflation rate in Venezuela could reach 13,000% in 2018, which would make these notes unusable. A grocery bag, which cost $ 15 a year ago, now costs $ 3,960. Those who earn the bolivars can no longer afford their basic needs. Feeding a family of five for one month costs 20 times the monthly minimum wage.


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