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Venezuela: MP Undresses While Delivering Speech in the National Assembly [Photo]

A Venezuelan opposition MP was fired Tuesday during a debate in the National Assembly. 
Gilber Caro, a member of the extreme Popular Will opposition party, appeared before his counterparts to demand the unity and support of Juan Requesens, 29, a leader of the opposition accused of playing a role in an assassination attempt against President Nicolas Maduro on 4 August during a military celebration.


He said, ” This is the moment. I ask for unity in this institution so that we can defend it as Requesens was in the street to defend the institution and freedom of Venezuela. “

Moments later, Caro, 43, took off his sports coat and asked everyone, “Where is the dignity of a man?”

He tore off his shirt and headed for the other side of the room where he paused momentarily to take off his pants. He then continued his speech, accusing the president’s administration of depriving citizens of basic rights, including food and medical care.

He himself spent 17 months in prison after Maduro accused him of leading terrorist attacks in 2016 before regaining his freedom in June.

“The dignity and love of a man are not worn inside what I have just finished removing. Dignity is in the heart and we carry Venezuela in the heart, [also] “. He added

Despite Caro’s pleading, the Caracas court still holds Requesens with two other senior military officials, whose exact roles in the alleged assassination plot were not revealed.


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