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Vatican: Former Diplomat Calls for Resignation of Pope Francis

Pope Francis is accused of having covered a “seriously immoral behavior”. According to the former Vatican Ambassador to Washington, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, American Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, had a “seriously immoral behavior”. Following this, he had to resign last month after being accused of abusing student seminarians.

In addition, Bishop Carlo Maria Vigano said he informed the Pope of accusations about Theodore McCarrick in March 2013, when he had just been elected.

After, according to him, the pope ignored his warnings before canceling the sanctions of Theodore McGarrick.


The 77-year-old who represented the Vatican in Washington from 2011 to 2016 said that Benedict XVI had punished Cardinal McCarrick in the late 2000s and that he was to leave the seminary and avoid any public contact.

In addition, Bishop Carlo Maria Vigano said that the pope took Theodore McGarrick as advisor for the appointment of cardinals.

“Corruption has reached the top of the hierarchy of the Church,” mourns Bishop Vigano through an 11-page letter made public at the same time by several American Catholic newspapers this Saturday.

Now, the Pope is traveling to Ireland where the issue of sexual abuse of the Church is chronicled in the local media.

This Sunday, a Vatican spokeswoman said they had “no immediate comment”.


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