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Vanae James-Bey: At 6, She Created A Coloring Book On Indigenous Cultures

Vanae James-Bey is six years old and is already a witty little girl. Helped by her mother, she created a coloring book to celebrate indigenous cultures, still too little known. A brilliant idea that found his audience.

While most 6-year-olds mostly think about having fun, Vanae James-Bey thinks of having fun while being engaged! This little African-American girl, who lives in the Virgin Islands in the United States, has imagined with her mother a 20-page coloring book entitled The Native Adventures of Princess Vanae.

This book is intended for children aged 5 to 13 and aims to make them aware of other cultures, and especially indigenous cultures around the world. In this coloring book, Princess Vanae travels the world and explores the indigenous cultures of Africa and the Americas . Available since March 31, this children’s book has found and reached its audience.

The birth of the project

One day, little Vanae realized that her origins were never represented in traditional coloring books . So she decided to remedy it!


Vanae’s mother , Veronica, explained the purpose of the project to the Atlanta Black Star : ” My daughter is taking correspondence courses and so I try to pass on her African American culture, but I realized that Was difficult to find documentation on our roots and history, and that this vacuum must also be that of other parents and students. The children of my friends who go to public school only hear about the extinction of Native Americans or the history of slavery in the US I do not want my children to be satisfied with that . “

Vanae came to get her uncle to help fill these gaps. She asked him to draw her with outfits and jewelery from various indigenous communities all over the world.
The creation of this coloring book became a real family project , and they then called on the artist Johanne Immis to help them to finalize the drawings.

Veronica goes on to say: ” In my family, our origins and our history are very important. I think this book is a good way to share this knowledge of the oldest peoples of the earth”
One thing is certain, the book The Native Adventures of Princess Vanae is a success and many Internet users have congratulated them for this great initiative.


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