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Valentine’s Day: Here Is Michelle’s Message To Her Husband Barack Obama

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, former US First Lady Michelle Obama has released a long playlist of 44 songs dedicated to her husband and former president, Barack Obama.

Michelle Obama

The mix is ​​titled “Forever Mine: Michelle to Barack” in French “To Me Forever. Michelle at Barack “is a beautiful mix of soul, folk, R & B and funk from this year and the past. The 44 tracks all speak of love, with performers from different musical styles: Beyoncé, Ben E. King, Etta James, Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Ed Sheeran, Legend John, Diana Ross or Barry White, Billy Joel, Justin Timberlake, Adele, Stevie Wonder and Rod Stewart make up this selection.


The number 44 refers to the rank of Barack Obama on the ranking of the successive presidents at the White House.

Valentine's Day: Michelle's message to her husband Barack Obama

Michelle wrote on Twitter: “Happy Valentine’s Day to my one and only, @Barack Obama. To celebrate the occasion, I dedicate a little playlist of Valentine’s Day! “.

In two hours, the publication was “loved” by nearly 700,000 Instagram users. Many responded to the image with hearts or even tears, those paid by the Americans to whom the former presidential couple lacks.


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