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The Vaccine Against Diabetes Has Been Officially Announced And The Entire World Is Celebrating The News!!

It is believed that the diabetes vaccine will be the solution for the advancement of the disease and the reversal of its effects. Salvador C. Ramirez, president of the foundation Vive your Diabetes and Lucila Z. Ortega, the president of the Mexican Association for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases elaborated that the vaccine cannot cure the disease, but it showed significant improvement in all of the cases.

Ramirez added that every patient required special attention. Namely, he is the creator of the so-called auto-chemotherapy.

For the first time, we’ve managed to standardize a saline solution for any type of diabetes, whether it is 1, 2, gestational or congenital…


Furthermore, 5 cm of blood were taken from every patient and afterwards they were injected with 55 mm of blood arrangement refrigerated at five degree centigrade. When the temperature changes to 37 grades, and since it goes out of the body to a new temperature, a shock occurs and what was an issue transforms into the arrangement in the jug, in a manner that the hereditary and metabolic defect is immunometabolised or revised in the vaccine.

The vaccine lasts 60 days and the treatment one year. Moreover, this vaccine has turned into a possible solution to prevent the chronically degenerative complications of diabetes like amputation, renal insuffiency, blindness, etc.

According to Zarate, the patients will still have to consult the doctors of the Mexican Association, because otherwise, they might have consequences.

They need help. It’s a treatment, not a miracle. They must collaborate with exercises, medicines, a diet, and then begin the auto-chemotherapy.



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