#USElection2016: Topless Women Protest Against Donald Trump (Photos)

Two protesters shouting anti-Trump slogans tore off their tops at the Manhattan polling place where the Republican nominee for president cast his ballot on Tuesday.

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The women, from the feminist activist group Femen, had the phrases “Hate out of polls” and “Trump, grab your balls” written on their bodies, images posted on social media showed.

The latter phrase was a clear reference to lewd comments made by Trump in 2005 and captured by a hot microphone.

“I’m automatically attracted to beautiful (women), I just start kissing them.


“It’s like a magnet, just kiss, I don’t even wait, and when you’re a star they let you do it.

“You can do anything, grab them by the pussy,” Trump said in the leaked audio that rocked his campaign in October.

Security officials escorted the two women from the polling site, a Manhattan high school gym and the disruption was over within minutes.

Trump, who had not yet arrived to cast his ballot, missed the protest.

Femen, a group of Ukrainian origin, is known for its naked protests around the world.

On its website, Femen describes itself as “an international women’s movement of brave topless female activists painted with the slogans and crowned with flowers.”


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