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Usain Bolt Now More Than Ever Determined To Pursue His Dream Of Becoming A Footballer [Details Inside]

World Athletics Champion Usain Bolt has promised he will fulfill his dream of becoming a professional footballer but says he will not be disappointed if his goal is not achieved.

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The Jamaican sprinter retired after the World Championships held last August. He has long expressed his desire to pursue a career in football and apparently, an opportunity has come to appear after Borussia Dortmund invited him to train with his players.

Although the latter is more determined than ever, he believes that his advanced age could be an obstacle. “It’s a personal goal, I do not care what people think,” Bolt told reporters Sunday on the sidelines of the Formula One Grand Prix in Austin. “I’m not going to lie to myself. If I feel that I can not do it, I will say, “Forget it,” I do not want to humiliate myself. “It’s a dream, it’s a new chapter in my life, something I’ve always wanted to do since I was a child and when we dream of something we really want to do, we have to try everything to see how far we can go. ”

As for the invitation from Dortmund, Usain Bolt said he was waiting to be cured of his injury suffered in the last championship to actually start training. However, Bolt would have liked this kind of opportunity offered by Manchester United, his dream club. “It’s going to be hard to convince José Mourinho, but you never know.” In addition to becoming a footballer, Bolt would like to work with the International Athletics Federations (IAAF) to promote the sport.

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