Usain Bolt Injured In Jamaica During The Final Race Of His Career!

Usain Bolt has sustained an injury in the final race of his career,  report  confirms. He was running the last leg of the 4x100m relay race for Jamaica when he pulled his hamstring and collapsed on the track.

The stewards offered him a wheelchair but the racing legend decided to make his own way off the track.

BBC athletics commentator Steve Cram said it best, “This is a sad sight. A very sad sight. Nobody wants to see a sportsman of that standing like this.”

Bolt’s teammate Julian Forte said, “He didn’t tell us exactly what happened but from what I saw, it looked like a strain or a cramp of some sort.

“He kept apologizing to us but we told him there was no need to apologize – injuries are part of the sport.”


Yohan Blake chimed in as well saying, “A hero of the sport to go down like that, as a true friend, I didn’t like it one bit.

“They were holding us too long. To be holding us so long was atrocious. Usain was getting cold and he said ‘I don’t like’ this.” He said.

“They were holding us too long. Too many presentations so the race was 10 minutes long. It was cold.”

Justin Gatlin, the man who beat Bolt just last week in the 100m final, thinks that Bolt could stage a comeback.

“You can’t let these championships define what he’s done in the past. He has done amazing things. He’s still the man, you know. He is coming back in a couple of years. He’ll be ready; he has a passion for the sport.

“He loves the fans and they love him. He loves the sport too much to walk away. He’s a showman.”


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