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Usain Bolt: “I Will Leave A Fabulous Imprint”

The athletic champion told the BBC before his imminent retirement.

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Usain Bolt will soon hang up his championship points.

He is going to run for the last time at the World Athletics Championships in London next August.

His retirement will end a tremendous career and will be seen as a huge loss for world athletics.

He returns for the BBC on the track that will leave in the sport:

“I will leave a fabulous footprint that will tell toddlers that everything is possible. And we can get there without cheating. To do this, you only have to work hard and make a lot of sacrifices, “says the sportsman with conviction.

Serve as a model for children

After his retirement, he will have only one regret: the competitions. He dreads moving from active actor to simple observer.

“I think it will be harder for me to watch without taking part in the 100-meter events at the World Athletics Championships and the Olympics. It will be one of the most difficult things, “he says.

He is also aware of the influence he can have in his country, Jamaica:

“I’ve been the pride of Jamaica … over the years, I’ve really learned to understand the impact I’ve had on the sport. Serving as a model for children and everyone, it’s something that makes me happy, “continues Usain Bolt.

His sporting prowess will remain in the annals for the greatest happiness of the champion seeds.

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