USA: Why Melania Trump Could Risk “Deportation” If She Files for Divorce

Between Donald Trump and Melania, it’s “for better and for worse”. Indeed, Melania could be “deported” in case of divorce. Even if the First Lady “counts the minutes” in her married life, she risks being sent back to her native country, Slovenia. This is the last threat Donald Trump would have made, which could invalidate her American citizenship.


It was in 1996 that the former model stepped on American soil to pursue her career in the spotlight.

This is how she frequented the posh places of New York, before meeting Donald Trump. At that time, the current US President had already counted two divorces. She becomes his third wife. Ten years later, Melania won her American citizenship with a “green card” provided as part of the “extraordinary ability” program. This card facilitates access to visa applications from academics, corporate executives or people with international reputations.


Twenty-two years later, Melania Trump is at risk of deportation. That’s what Omarosa Manigault Newman, a former White House employee, said.

In her book “Unhinghed”, she revealed the tensions Melania and Donald Trump are experiencing.

“Melania can not take it anymore. She literally counts the minutes to divorce. But Donald has clearly insinuated that if Melania dares to ask for a divorce and causes him such humiliation while he is president, he will find a way to deport her to her native country, Slovenia. He will find a way to invalidate her citizenship in the greatest of secrets. He is a vindictive man. He will not hesitate to punish her and deprive her of everything. “


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