USA: Veteran American Rapper Snoop Dogg Slams Donald Trump – VIDEO

The rapper Snoop Dogg has posted on his Instagram account a viral video in which he violently attacks Donald Trump and denounces the “shutdown” which paralyzes since December 22, 2018 the US administration.

Indeed, failing to find an agreement on the budget between the Republicans and the Democrats, the United States begins their third week of paralysis of the federal administration. A situation that does not please the rapper.

In the video, the rapper addresses the officials who are not paid during this “terrible” period: “There is no way you can vote for Donald Trump when he represents himself.”  “Do not vote for him, please, do not do that. Look what he’s doing! He does not give a fuck. “

Snoop Dogg calls Donald Trump’s supporters “son of stupid boys.” According to him, the American president does not care about their fate and makes only great speeches. “The workers are still suffering,” despite statements about the economic success touted by Trump, argues the rapper.

To stay in the same vein, the video ends with one last insult to Trump


This is not the first time that Snoop Dogg has appeared in Donald Trump’s protest. In November 2018, on the occasion of the “midterms”, the artist had paraded near the White House by consuming illicit substances.

For his part, Donald Trump must speak Tuesday night on television about the “shutdown”, which has shut down the federal administration for eighteen days.


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