USA: The Whole Truth About The 5 Explosives Sent to Obama and Hillary Clinton

This Wednesday, October 24, Five homemade explosives were sent to several senior officials of the Democratic Party of the United States. The main people concerned were Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and some other officials. Bombs were also sent to CNN’s New York offices. It must be said that they were addressed specifically to several personalities hostile to the policy of Donald Trump.

The CNN channel, which regularly criticizes the US president, has also been targeted. These incidents occur two days after finding a bomb at the home of financier George Soros, another leader of the Democratic Party.

It was in the mailbox of Progressive billionaire George Soros that the homemade bomb was found last Monday. The bomb had been packed in a package. Other packages containing the same explosive devices were sent to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton following the same procedure. But they were intercepted before reaching their homes.


On Wednesday, New York State Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo said a suspicious machine had been sent to his New York office. According to Florida police, a suspicious package was found near Democrat Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s office. US media reports that other packages were sent to former Obama Justice Minister Eric Holder and Democratic MP Maxine Waters.

At CNN’s premises, the recovered packages contained a ” functional explosive device ” and white powder. According to the media, the homemade bomb was a pipe about ten centimeters long, wrapped in black tape, connected to electric wires and a detonator. The FBI confirmed that the five small yellow packages destined for Soros, Clinton, Obama, Holder and Brennan were ” similar in appearance ” and were carrying several stamps with the same sender address:

For the moment, no claim has been made. But the head of the FBI anti-terrorist office in New York, Bryan Paarmann, said they were sent by “one or more individuals”. These acts were described as internal “terrorism” by several leaders of the Democratic Party, within two weeks of the mid-term elections.


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