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USA Shooter from the Charleston Massacre has a Facebook Page and it Just Got It’s First Comment

This is trending worldwide.


Update: The killer has been caught.

Gospel singer who’s been shot 8 times responds to the killer from the Charleston massacre shooting in the most powerful way possible.

Kill | How Africa NewsDylann Roof killed 9 people Wednesday night at the closing of a service in a Charleston Church. Since his name has been released thousands have flooded the Facebook trying to find his page. His unsettling profile picture just got a comment that is going viral for God’s glory.

Marcus Stanley is a 30-year-old gospel musician from Virginia who’s dealt with terrorism before. According to his website:

Marcus was shot 8 times at point blank range with a .45 caliber automatic weapon while touring as an initiation act by gang members. Due to the shooting, Marcus became temporarily paralyzed on his right side, lost the ability to walk, and leaving one bullet permanent lodged near his spine. With God’s grace and mercy, Marcus was successfully able to regain the strength to walk and recover most of the feeling in his right arm.

Here is what he had to say to Dylann:

Here’s the rest of his story:

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