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USA-Presidential 2024: Kanye West Announces His Candidacy and Reveals the Name of His Party (Video)

Kanye West has not abandoned his ambitions to become President of the United States. The rapper reiterated last Thursday his decision to run in the presidential elections probably not in 2020 as planned but rather in 2024.

“If I decide to do it, it will be done, I will not just try,” the rapper said in an interview with the Chicago Power 92 radio, adding that his main focus will be the health of his citizens.

“One of the main things I will do when I am President is to take care of the medical sector. I will make sure that this sector is flourishing. “

Kanye West already has a name for his political party: “I am neither left nor right. I thought of a name for my political party when I will be in the running: the Birthday Party.

The singer had revealed his presidential ambitions at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2015.

“I decided to run for the 2020 presidential elections,” he said at the time.


During her interview, Kanye West returned to her mental health problem. He suffers from bipolarity.

“It has been diagnosed that I am bipolar. But I have not taken any medicine for 5 months and I am very calm when I speak to you. I sleep. I do not drink alcohol I drink water, I work on my diet and my mind. I speak and surround myself with people who love me. You need love. The world needs love, especially from people who are sensitive to mental health issues. “



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