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USA: Kim Kardashian Reveals Why Kanye West Loves Trump

Between criticism, mockery and surprise, the friendship between Kanye West and Donald Trump raises many questions.

Already, Kanye West had lifted a corner of the veil of this relationship between him and the US president, including on Twitter. In a convoluted speech, the rapper had let him know that he and Trump were “two tigers” who are “full of energy”. An explanation that comes to darken the question.

On the CNN news channel, The Van Jones Show, Kim Kardashian spoke about this relationship between her husband and the US president.

Asked if Kanye West had presidential ambitions, Kim said the idea “never crossed her mind” but she did not know what the future holds for her because “never never say.


In this momentum, the presenter of the show reminded him that this decision, if Kanye came to take it, would be all the more surprising as the election of Donald Trump. Kim Kardashian to enter the game of the host and say “that’s why my husband loves him. It’s the idea that anything can happen. “

USA: Kim Kardashian reveals why Kanye West loves Trump

The least we can say is that Donald Trump knows how to be unpredictable, and that’s what makes his detractors tremble.

USA: Kim Kardashian reveals why Kanye West loves Trump


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