USA: “I am the daughter of an immigrant”, Ivanka Trump Gives a Lesson to Her Father

On the issue of migrants, Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump’s daughter has a vision other than that of her father. On the occasion of a conference in Washington, the eldest daughter of the American president said to be “very fiercely against the separation of families”. In addition, she expresses her concern about her father’s attacks on the press.

This Thursday, the “first girl” of the United States tapped on the table of her father. Indeed, Ivanka Trump has given a speech at odds with those of her father on issues of immigration and the media.

On the occasion of a conference organized by the Axios site, her father had expressed himself vehemently on immigration and the press.

Ivanka Trump said more than 2,500 migrant children separated from their parents, despite being illegally found in the United States, were “one of the worst times” of her life at the White House.

“I have a very strong opinion on this and I am very fiercely against the separation of families,” she said. On the other hand, she admits that “immigration is an extraordinarily complex subject” before recalling that she is “the daughter of an immigrant”, referring to her mother.

“But we live in a state of law (…) so we have to be very careful not to encourage behaviors that put children at risk.”

Moreover, Ivanka Trump made it clear that journalists are not “the enemy of the people”, but quite the opposite.

Unlike his father, who likes to shoot the media, accusing them of proliferating “fake news”.

In his defense, Donald Trump has clarified his position on the media.

“They asked my daughter Ivanka if the media was the enemy of the people. She correctly answered no, he wrote on Twitter. It is the FAKE NEWS, which represent a large part of the press, who are the enemy of the people! “

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