USA-France: France’s Nicolas Sarkozy Slams President Trump: “He belongs to a very rare category”

During a recent commentary on the news before executives of the group Altrad, a company producing and distributing equipment for the building, in Montpellier (Hérault), Nicolas Sarkozy accompanied by Tony Blair, the former British prime minister , was very shocked by US President Donald Trump’s remarks to France for some time. For him, it’s intolerable, as the Midi Libre website reports .

Returning to one of the attacks of President Donald Trump, the former French head of state said he could not have such a tolerance that he observed with his successor:  ” I was facing him for ceremonies from November 11th. I can not, me. It’s too much. I respect the Americans’ vote. But it’s too much, anyway. “  And Nicolas Sarkozy add:  ” Trump belongs to a very rare category: people who do not improve and who become worse. “

Nicolas Sarkozy also spoke about the movement of ” Yellow Vests ” and the ” big national debate ” promised by the executive.  “We are at a standstill. The world is accelerating at a breathtaking speed and we, not only are we at a standstill, but we are backing away, “ said Nicolas Sarkozy. “There, we will discuss, we will ask the people in the street to do something. With that, you will not do anything! If, to do anything, everyone must agree, stay put, because no one ever agrees, “ he added.

Nicolas Sarkozy has not been more tender with the “yellow vests” and management of the movement by Emmanuel Macron. At first seeming to have spared the current president: “Mr. Macron does what he can and I want to help my country, I will not criticize him in any way. “

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