USA-France: Emmanuel Macron Stands Up to Donald Trump

Between the United States and France, politico-commercial relations seem to be in bad shape after the crisis of tariffs and the quarantine of Boeing nailed to the ground. On the basis of an agreement in principle, the EU would like the 28 members to agree on the possibility of resuming trade agreements with the United States. However, the France of President Macron is said to be against this recovery.

Paris has said it will vote against the opening of trade talks with the United States. It must be said that for several months, trade relations between the EU and the US are tense from the commercial point of view because of several disagreements not only on foreign policy and international trade, but also on the position of the United States concerning global warming.


True to its offensive policy, President Trump had not hesitated to implement customs increases on European imports. The international news agency said President Trump had said that the EU was “taking advantage” of Washington for trade and would have confirmed plans announced to impose tariffs on European goods worth 11 billion euros. dollars.

On the side of France, there is no question of endorsing ”  the idea that it was necessary to show weakness to attract the favors of Mr. Trump  “.


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