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USA-France: Almost Similar Age Differences In Macron & Trump Couples!! – (France‘s Next First Lady Is 25 Years Older Than Her Husband)

Just few hours ago, our colleagues on the NBC television channel had to bring out the age difference between Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron, also between Donald and Melania Trump. Oddly, the difference in age is almost the same in both couples.

On the one hand, Brigitte Macron is the eldest of Emmanuel of 25 years and of the other Donald is older than Melania Trump of 24 years. This is a coincidence that has long amused the surfers.

In the Trump couple, the difference in age is not a real problem since it is Donald Trump, who is the oldest: Trump is 70 years old while Melania is 46 years old. But according to the American media, it is in the Macron couple that age seems to be problem. For several observers, Brigitte Macron is sensibly the age of the mother of Emmanuel Macron. Some even go so far as to say that Macron was to marry a woman of her generation and younger than Brigitte.

But for other observers, love has no age and people are free to love despite the age difference. The wife of the Candidate of March must therefore compose daily with both pleasant and unpleasant comments about her age in relation to that of her husband. In the VSD magazine, she explained that it was sometimes difficult to bear: “Of course, she suffers from persiflages. His recent notoriety has multiplied them: he is constantly reminded of this gap between them. What one accepts in a man, one refuses it to a woman. ”



It must be said that in the comments, it is the age of Brigitte Macron that is the most in the front, but not that of the American president. A sexist reflex that lets see clearly that the difference in age in a couple does not really shock when it is the oldest man.

Fortunately for some foreign media, the age of Brigitte Macron is an advantage for her husband. This is the case of the German daily newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, where it is written: “When she appears with Macron, she radiates a mixture of confidence, joy and experience that one does not find in her, Primed. ”

Another observer, Hjoe Moono wrote:

Emmanuel Macron‘s wife, Brigitte Trogneux, who is likely to be France‘s next first lady is 25 years older than her husband: She is 64 while the husband is 39…

Macron fell in love with his teacher & went on to marry her…I think the courage & confidence he had in him as a teenager that led him to pursue his married teacher is the drive we are seeing today that is a making him the likely next president of France – the youngest French president…

Now wasn’t Aliyah right: Age ain’t nothing but a number…

I am inspired!



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