USA, Britain Stopovers of Hell – Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe

President Robert Mugabe has praised the late Zanu PF senator and minister Aguy Clement Georgias for fighting against targeted Western sanctions imposed on him and his inner circle.

Mr. Mugabe made the remarks at the National Heroes Acre on Tuesday where Georgias, who filed a suit to block the sanctions, was laid to rest.
President Mugabe chided the West for imposing targeted sanctions on senior Zanu PF members and some of their colleagues, saying there is no justice in United States, Britain and other countries.


“The country was slapped with illegal sanctions, it’s leadership put on sanctions and on the sanctions list which exist today. Aguy Georgias was on the list of Western sanctions, persons who were not supposed to visit holy Britain, holy Europe and holy America.

“The situation presented to us made Europe to look as if, Europe and America I must say, look as if they were stopovers to heaven … We never accepted that … If they were stopovers at all they were stopovers to the opposite of heaven is what we call hell.”

The West imposed sanctions on President Mugabe, his wife Grace, several senior Zanu PF officials and other people associated with the ruling party for human rights abuses and claims of election rigging.


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