USA: Barack Obama Talks About Donald Trump’s “Mother’s Problems”

While Donald Trump has been the subject of many attacks for some time, former President Barack Obama took the opportunity to tackle it without quoting him in his remarks. Just before Barack, it was his wife Michelle Obama who had started hostilities:

“This whole story was completely crazy and harmful. This controversy and this theory of conspiracy demonstrated his superstition and xenophobia barely concealed (…) Donald Trump, with his noisy and reckless insinuations, endangered the safety of my family. And for that, I will never forgive him ,  wrote Michelle Obama in her autobiography,  Becoming .


After the former first lady’s attack on the current president of the United States, her husband, Barack, added a diaper during a recent speech at the Obama Foundation in Chicago.

The former president spoke of solutions to solve the problems of agriculture, education, sustainable energy and other areas that are not as complicated as is claimed.

“The reason we do not do this is because we are always confused, blind, wrapped in hatred, anger, racism, problems with our moms,” he said .

“What prevents us from implementing most of the things that we would probably collectively agree on to improve the world is not the lack of technological solutions, it’s because humans are involved and the dynamics of society. ‘Do we care about these children? Because maybe we do not … They’re a little different from us. “


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