USA Announces Hardest Sanctions Against North Korea

While Pyongyang has behaved more peacefully in recent times by participating in the Olympics and getting closer to its neighbor South Korea, the Trump administration announced on Friday, February 23 sanctions ” harder than ever ” against the North Korea.

Why is the United States still so determined to impose sanctions on North Korea despite its desire to play the card of appeasement?

According to  Reuters , President Trump will announce tougher new sanctions against North Korea to force it to end its nuclear and ballistic programs. The White House tenant will do so in a speech  to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), an annual high mass of US Conservatives, until the Treasury Department unveils its details later in the day. During his recent official visit to Japan,  US Vice President Mike Pence warned that it was necessary to wait for ” the toughest US sanctions against North Korea .”


” I am announcing that the United States will soon unveil the toughest and most aggressive economic sanctions ever imposed on North Korea and we will continue to isolate North Korea until it finally abandons its nuclear programs. and ballistic missiles , “he said.

Recall that last December 23, the UN Security Council had adopted new sanctions against Pyongyang in response to the ballistic missile fire on 29 November. The adopted document reduced North Korea’s oil supply and called on all countries hosting North Korean workers to expel them.

It was then the ninth string of UN sanctions particularly drastic against North Korea. Other sanctions trains were adopted by Washington after missile tests and a nuclear test conducted by the country.



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