USA: A Look at the Moving Story of Barack’s Marriage Proposal to Michelle Obama

It was October 3, 1992 that Michelle and Barack Obama said YES. But before getting to that point, Obama had played a trick on Michelle to make her marriage proposal. On the night of the request, the former president of the United States had brought Michelle his beloved to their favorite restaurant in Chicago.


He had then initiated a debate on the institution of marriage with Michelle. An exchange they had often had several times and which usually ended in a fight. But this time, there was no question that the exchange came to an argument. As the exchange drew to a close, the waiter brought the young woman a dish covered with a silver bell. 

When Michelle lifted the lid, she found a case and a ring. Barack Obama knelt down and asked for his hand. So it was one of the defining moments in their love story that continues until today.  “People see our relationship as an ideal, but marriage is difficult,” Michelle Obama recently said. TV star presenter Oprah Winfrey.

In his book “Becoming” (Fayard) ”   What happens, when an individualist, lover of loneliness, marries an extrovert woman who swears by the family and hates loneliness? In my opinion, there is only one answer, the best and the most positive when a question arises in a couple, regardless of the spouses and whatever the problem: we have to find a way to adapt. If you want your relationship to last, there is no alternative   . ” Michelle has adapted.

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