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US teen Lucas Etter solves Rubik’s Cube in 4.9 seconds to break world record

A 14-year-old Rubik’s cube whiz solved the puzzle in 4.9 seconds, setting a new world record. Lucas Etter, 14, smashed the world record of 5.25 seconds Saturday at the River Hill Fall 2015 competition in Clarksville, Md.

Etter, whose accomplishment was filmed and postedto YouTube, followed the official rules for the contest — the cube was randomly scrambled by a computer and he and his fellow competitors were given 15 seconds to observe the puzzle before they began their solving attempts.


The previous record of 5.25 seconds was set by Collin Burns at the Doylestown Spring 2015 competition.

Etter’s accomplishment was the first official solve to come in under 5 seconds.



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