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US Presidential Election, J-65: Trump On A Mission To The African American Community

Republican presidential candidate for the November 8 election, Donald Trump, continued Saturday, September 3 his charm offensive to the African-American community including attending a religious service in Detroit (Michigan). In the hometown of the former candidate for the Republican nomination Ben Carson, at his side, the real estate mogul assured to come “to listen to [the] message” of this community. “I’m going to move the things for you , “he began, citing” closed shops, people sitting on the sidewalk, without employment , without activity. “

From a first speech in Wisconsin on August 16, Mr. Trump is trying to convince blacks that they have “nothing to lose” to the support by denouncing clientelism without result of the Democratic Party . According to corroborating surveys, Mr. Trump collects on average less than 5% of African Americans’ voting intentions. Besides, he had totally neglected this electorate far but tries by all means to make up for the delay, including by seeking to adopt the style festive of worship in the church where he went.

“Hillary Clinton is the most dishonest candidate since Richard Nixon.”

The Republican candidate for the vice presidency, Mike Pence, responded Saturday to the publication yesterday by the FBI notes of interrogation of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton about the private server she used when she was Secretary of State.


Thursday September 1, Marco Gutierrez, founder of the support group for Latinos Trump, launched this curious warning: “my culture isgrowing very dominant (…) If we do nothing, we will have the taco truck at the corner of every street. This statement causes two days a tidal ironic comments on social networks hit the hashtag TacoTrucksOnEveryCorner.

The barometer of the presidential Reuters / Ipsos published September 2 shows a net tightening of the vote between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to nearly two months of the presidential election of November 8. The Democratic candidate only distance of a point his Republican opponent (40% against 39%), whereas he had five-point lead a week earlier and there are twelve fortnight. This national barometer is only indicative, since the election will play at the state level.

The Republican candidate for the vice presidency, Mike Pence, said Saturday that he would publish his tax returns next week. The Indiana governor is not required by law but this publication has become a tradition for more than three decades. While the “ticket” composed of Democrat Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine has already sacrificed, the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, refuses, citing ongoing controls.

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