US Government Likely to Ban Their Currency From Circulating in Zimbabwe

As war on terror efforts to dismantle terrorist financial networks remain an essential part of US government strategy. The US government is likely to ban their currency from circulating in Zimbabwe considering that the countries corruption levels have reached alarming levels. Money laundering and cash smuggling cases are high in Zimbabwe as compared to other African states.

The increase in cash crimes has come as a result of the powerful US$ dollar that is circulating in the poverty stricken Zimbabwe.

Recently, there were rumours of Finance and Economic Development Minister Patrick Chinamasa’s son trying to smuggle $7 million through Beitbridge broader post to South Africa which the finance minister denied.

Also there was a case of two Rwandan nationals that were arrested last week at the Harare International Airport after being found in possession of $87 400 which they intended to smuggle out of Zimbabwe. Police chief national spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba confirmed the arrest of the duo.


More than $140 million in terrorists’ assets have been frozen across some 1,400 bank accounts worldwide, but experts say terrorist groups have become increasingly skilled at dodging detection through use of cash.

Currently there are cases of the Mozambican opposition rebel group RENAMO fighters crossing into Zimbabwe to steal cash and cows being reported in the Manicaland region of Zimbabwe.

If indeed the United States of America conceders RENAMO as a terrorist group taking advantage of the United States dollar in Zimbabwe then the reserve bank of Zimbabwe might be banned from using American money in the near future.

Source: Zimbabwe NewsDay


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  1. Firstly don’t forget that US dollar is an international tender unless they ban it from being used as international tender, that’s why Zimbabwean government say they’re sunction imposed on them and this is one of the sunctions. Everywhere the US dollar is being smuggled but still existing unless if it was smuggled and burnt or destroyed. Some of the medias are for the regime change pushing sabotage elements so that they can gain majority.Africa beware,thousands of Nigerian nationalities depoted from America.

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