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US Embassy in this African Country Has Been Closed for an Indefinite Period

Thousands of Nigerians will miss their visa application because the US Embassy in Abuja and its consulate in Lagos have been closed for an indefinite period.

This means that people who have applied for a tourist visa, study visa, business visa, immigrant visa or any other travel document will have to cancel their plan.

This decision of the US Embassy in Nigeria stems from the fact that the United States entered Saturday in a situation of “shutdown”, a closure of the federal administrative services because of a disagreement between President Donald Trump and the United States. Congress. The compromise is still not found between the Congress and the White House on the financing of a wall on the Mexican border in the federal budget, several federal administrations are in situation of “shutdown”, a partial closure.


Since 0H01 Saturday, some administrations are no longer funded and have had to reduce their activities. About 800,000 civil servants were placed on unpaid leave or, for services deemed essential, forced to work without being paid.

The embassy has even made a post on facebook: “Due to the current closure of the US government, the US centers located in the embassies of Abuja and the Consulate General in Lagos are unfortunately closed. They will reopen once the closure of the US government is resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience this causes to our valued customers. “

The executive branch of the government led by President Donald Trump and the legislative branch have been at odds for nearly two months after Trump’s attempt to build a wall along the Mexican border.

Building a wall was one of the key promises of the Trump campaign as part of efforts to reduce illegal migration and crime.

He boasted during his campaign that the Mexican government would pay for the wall. However, with the Mexican government’s refusal to fund the wall, the president approached the US legislature, asking the bicameral institution to provide $ 5 billion that would be used to fund the wall.

Congress, however, rejected Trump’s proposal.


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