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US Elections: Ugandan Youths Arrested Outside US Embassy While Campaigning For Donald Trump

There have been accurate reports on how youths in Africa are getting more involved in the political sphere and the Nov 8 African Edition hashtag which trended on Twitter last week shows that they are very much interested in the happenings of the American elections.

If you, however, had a question on just how interested and involved they really are in the American elections, two Ugandan youths have an answer for you – very, very much.

Police in Uganda arrested two young activists who were campaigning for the US presidential candidate, Donald Trump, in front of the American embassy in Kampala.


The two Ugandan youths, named Bigirwa Moses and Allan Kitonsa, were arrested on Tuesday and some colleagues (Kizza Hakim, Kayondo Juma and Nsibuka Harunah) who were with them, managed to evade police capture.

All the young activists in question are reportedly part of the Uganda Young Democrats, a group that says it aims to fight dictatorship in Uganda. The five of them had attempted to enter the embassy to campaign for Trump but they had been denied entry by security. They were carrying placards that read, “A vote for Trump is a vote against African dictatorship.”


Kizza Hakim, one of the three who managed to evade police capture, told the media that they were campaigning for Trump because he promised to fight dictatorship across the world. In his words:

“Among the candidates for the presidency of America, he’s the only man who has said that once he becomes the president of America, he will fight the dictators, all African dictators, including Museveni.”

The young activist also admitted that it was surprising to him that they were not allowed to express their support for the candidate inside the embassy when the “embassy is the land of America.”

Ugandan youths

A Ugandan police spokesman said that the actions of the Ugandan youths was an “embarrassment” and that they would likely be charged with unlawful assembly, which might carry a penalty of up to one year in prison under the Uganda penal code.


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