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US Election2020: 99-Year-Old Votes, Recalls When Non-Whites Weren’t Allowed

2020 US Election: Man Born on Plantation Votes, Exercises his Right

A 99-year-old man, Dr Robert H Smith of Mississippi (who was born at a time when blacks could not vote), has exercised his electoral right in the ongoing US presidential election.

Reports indicates that the nonagenarian wore a face mask to the polling that had “I voted” sticker on its side.

During his interview with the media, Robert said he remembered the time that he could not cast his vote. It should, however, be noted that the right to vote for blacks in America was legalised in 1870 in the 15th Amendment.

Despite that amendment, the Voting Rights Act was only signed many decades later in 1965 by President Lyndon B Johnson.


Robert, who lives in Hinds County, said that he waited for around 20 minutes with his son before he could submit his vote in-person in October. Since he voted, he has been informing people of the need to get to the polling centre and do the same thing.

He said: “Voting is an experience that every American citizen should have. We the people decide who’s going to be our leader.” Despite the chequered life he has lived in the US, Robert was the first in his family to get a PhD. When he finished high school, he served in the US Army during World War II.

The man and his wife, Grayce, have three children whose names are Robert Jr, Rodney and Rhonda. The last of the three became a nurse like their mother.

Robert wore his facemask to the polling centre as a safety measure. Photo source: ABC News

In speaking about how the country’s political state, he said: “I just hope that things get better politically. I don’t think we have to have the situation that we have today.”


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