US Coronavirus Cases Top One Million, 57,266 Dead

Coronavirus cases in the United States have surpassed one million, with 57,266 Americans dead.


Currently, there are at least 1,002,498 cases of coronavirus in the US, according to Johns Hopkins University’s tally of cases.

The number of confirmed US coronavirus cases topped 500,000 on April 10, according to Johns Hopkins’ tally.

New York, with 295,106 Coronavirus infections and 22,668 deaths is the epicentre of the pandemic in the United States.

New Jersey, the second Coronavirus infected State in the US, has 112,956 infections and 6,442 deaths, while Massachusetts, with 56,462 cases and 3,003 deaths is the third most affected States in the US.

According to New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy, 402 additional fatalities were recorded, bringing the total to 6,442 deaths related to Covid-19 in the state.

An additional 2,887 positive cases were reported in New Jersey, pushing the statewide total to 113,856.


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