US Army Broadcasts Images Of Interception Of EP-3 By Russian Su-27 (VIDEO)

US Army broadcasts images of interception of EP-3 by Russian Su-27 (VIDEO)© US Naval Forces

These are five short videos released by the US Army this February 1st. Each of them gives an overview of an incident that occurred on January 29: a Russian Sukhoi Su-27 fighter had that day intercepted a US intelligence aircraft Lockheed EP-3 . The latter had to put an end to his mission over the Black Sea. “The flight of the Su-27 was carried out in accordance with international regulations and there was no emergency,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement.

During the incident, which occurred in the international airspace, the two aircraft were close to each other at a distance of ten feet. Moscow had also said that his plane was put on alert after the US aircraft, initially unidentified, was detected heading towards the Russian border. The Russian Su-27 then approached to identify him, before escorting him according to the procedure, until he routed and moved away from Russian airspace, according to the report. of the Russian Defense.

The US military had given a different version of this interception she had described as dangerous in a statement. She added that the US aircraft had not “provoked Russian activity” and considered that this response had “increased the risk of misjudgment and collisions”.

“The Russian army is entitled to operate in the international air space, but it must follow the international standards put in place to ensure security and avoid incidents,” added Washington.

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