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US And UK Intelligence Officers Seek Out Osama Bill Laden’s Son- Plan To Capture To Kill

HAMZA Laden is being pursued by the SAS after US and UK intelligence officers recorded him as one of their most targets.

He now heads famous fearsome group al-Qaida, following in his father Osama Bin Laden’s steps.

UK one of a kind forces have moved a best secret manhunt to “butcher or catch” the now 28-year-old dread monger pioneer, the Daily Star reports.

Understanding has it that  he is “dynamic” and has been plotting an attack on the West after his father’s was butchered US Navy Seals in 2011.

He disappeared from the remote compound at Abbottabad in Pakistan weeks before Osama bin Laden was killed.

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But two years ago, he re-emerged to issue video messages praising terror attacks in London.

Chilling propaganda clips also show a younger Hamza training in a terrorist boot camp.


In May, a western intelligence source identified Bin Laden Jr and confirmed he’s planning a revenge attack on the West.

 Hamza recites a poem surrounded by armed militia in 2001



The reappearance of his son in Syria lead to the CIA adding him to the US State Department’s terror watch list.

He is now among the top 10 “high-value” targets and being pursued by Coalition forces deployed on Operation Shader, according to the Star.

40 SAS soldiers have joined forces with other units in a Joint Coalition Special Operations team and have been deployed to Syria on a covert mission to find Hamza.

They will be supported by hi-tech spy planes and drones that can detect communications.



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