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Urgent: Somewhere In Africa, 110 Reported Dead In 48 Hours Because Of This….!!!


Between last Thursday and Friday, exactly 110 people died in southern Somalia due to the country’s drought.

A catastrophic situation

On Saturday, March 4, Mr. Khaire said in a statement: “About 110 people died in the last 48 hours due to drought and severe water-related diarrhea in southern Somalia, Bay and Bakool regions. The Somalis, wherever they are, must rescue their needy brothers, who will die of hunger if they are not helped. The government’s priority task will be to help people who have been affected by the drought. “

According to UN statements, “$ 825 million is needed to avoid a new food disaster in the country. “

Between famine and drought problems, the Somali people are becoming increasingly in danger of dying as the risks associated with certain diseases such as cholera, which are not to be overlooked, are added to these problems. Of the 110 deaths, “69 died of diarrhea due to unsafe water. ”

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