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UpFront – Reality Check: Africa is not a country [Must Read & Share]

If you’re really African, you MUST share this and educate the world about Africa.

In this short but incisive Reality Check clip from his show UpFront, influential Al Jazeera journalist, Mehdi Hasan, takes apart popular misconceptions about Africa including perceptions that the continent is a homogenous society of poverty, war, famine corruption and disease.

I learnt about 5 new things about Africa in just two minutes.

Mehdi Hasan, widely known for his debate-winning speech at the Oxford Union on Islam and peace, mocks popular misconceptions about Africa by highlighting the flawed perceptions held by world media (and sharply inserts a clip of US Vice President Joe Biden’s “nation of Africa” faux pas).


Well, it really is nothing new to us here at TIA. We’re just glad to see Hasan getting with the programme!


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