Update: The Ultimatum Is Over: 20,000 Chadian Soldiers Massed On The Border With Libya

The tension has mounted in recent days around Libya where hundreds of Chadians were captured and sold as slaves, and many were killed, tortured by slave traders.

This mobilization comes after Idriss Deby , the president of Chad had previously given a 24 hour ultimatum to the Libyan people to release all Africans taken hostage in their homes or face serious consequences.

It has been more than a week since the ultimatum was given but the situation in Libya has not changed and many Chadians are still being held hostage, tortured men, women and children. The situation was revealed by the CNN reporter who filmed an incident where blacks were sold in Libya for 400 US dollars.


Many countries have repatriated some of their citizens from Libya who wanted to go to Europe and ended up being tortured in concentration camps in Libya, But Chad wants to save all Africans in Libya’s hand by opting for an intervention military

Chad has one of the best African armies and without the intervention of Chad, Boko Haram would have occupied vast territories in Nigeria and Cameroon. Our sources do not know with certainty the reason for such mobilization of the Chadian army on the Libyan border, but many are asking questions if Chad will really intervene militarily in Libya to liberate all the migrants.

It is worth remembering that the powerful Chadian army fought against Libyans and won in a bloody war that lasted for several weeks when Gaddafi occupied vast territories in Chad. At dessert, no army in the world can compete with the Chadian army


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