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UPDATE: Tanzanian Govt Releases Dress Code Guidelines After Female MP Was Sent Out Of Parliament For Wearing Trousers


The Tanzanian government has issued a dress code guideline for public servants after a female member of Parliament (MP) was thrown out for wearing trousers following complaints from her male colleague. 


MP Condester Michael Sichlwe was asked by the Speaker of Parliament Job Ndugai to leave the chamber and only return after she had changed to a more decent outfit.


He chased her out after a male MP complained that her black trousers was too tight and not decent.




After the incident in parliament, a pamphlet with the acceptable dress code for Tanzanian government workers was released and it had people talking and asking questions.



The first line on the pamphlet shows acceptable clothing for women. The second row shows acceptable clothing for men. And at the bottom are photos of unacceptable means of dressing.


And Tanzanians pointed out that what MP Sichlwe wore to parliament, that led to her being thrown out, is displayed in the first row as acceptable clothing for women. They then questioned why Sichlwe was thrown out of Parliament and made to change to skirts for wearing acceptable clothing.


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