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UPDATE: SA Mother Of Decuplets Accuses Boyfriend Of ‘Trying To Be Millionaire’

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The woman who claimed she gave birth to decuplets in South Africa, Gosiame Sithole, has accused her boyfriend, Tebogo Tsotetsi, of trying to become a ‘millionaire’ from the story, saying she is hurt by his suggestion that the 10 children do not exist.

According to Daily Mail, Sithole claimed that Tsotetsi was “expecting to be rich” from the alleged record births and was only concerned about the donations coming from people across the world.

She also slammed the boyfriend for saying he did not believe the decuplets existed, accusing him of trying to “hurt her and ruin” what she had with her babies.

The 37-year-old, who has not revealed her location since the apparent world record, said she would continue to keep her children’s whereabouts secret.

Her comments came after Tsotetsi said on Tuesday that he had not seen Sithole or the alleged children since her incredible claims, which made headlines worldwide.

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His family released a statement which said they did not believe there were decuplets.

Speculation has grown over Sithole’s claims after the hospital, where she is claimed to have given birth, denied treating her.

She was said to have told her boyfriend she gave birth to the babies after midnight on June 8.

In videos shared by the Pretoria News editor, Piet Rampedi, on Tuesday, Sithole refuted Tsotetsi and his family’s claims and constantly referred to ‘my babies’ without directly confirming the number, reports TimesLive.

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Sithole, wearing a large brown coat over a patterned dress at an undisclosed location, said, “They are unfair because they are doing things and they are trying to hurt me.

“I speak to Tsotetsi now and then. I feel that they never loved me; I was just forced to be with him.”

Speaking about Tsotetsi and his family’s statement, she said, “What they are doing shows me that they wanted to ruin something with my babies.

“They were looking at the donations coming from people and wanting to be millionaires from the births. They were expecting to be rich. That is why I have [my babies] where they are.”

Sithole remained adamant that she would not disclose the location of her children and said “no-one is going to force me… I will do it on my own time.”

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