UPDATE: Jocelyn Savage, The Lady Held Hostage By R. Kelly In The S3x Cult Speaks Up- Her Family Pressing Charges (Video)

The family of Jocelyn Savage, the woman being held hostage in R. Kelly’s alleged sexual cult, and Asante McGee, a woman who claims she was held against her will by the singer, spoke out at a press conference on Monday (July 17). Jocelyn’s father took brief questions from the media, but did not divulge much about what their motive in the situation is, aside from the fact that they’re working with the F.B.I. and local sheriffs in the Atlanta area of Johns Creek.


Jocelyn’s sister also spoke at the press conference, where she sent a message to her sister, telling Joycelyn that neither she or any of the other girls deserved what “that monster” R. Kelly was doing to them.

Check out the full press conference above.


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