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UPDATE!! Gambian Legislative: Adama Barrow Beaten In His Polling Station


It does not smell good for the President of the Republic of The Gambia, Adama Barrow. The count of votes for the legislative elections on Thursday, April 6 was completed in some polling stations. According to information delivered by Sud Fm, Adama Barrow lost in his polling station.

The other results will determine who from Barrow’s coalition or Yahya Jammeh’s party won the bid. The 886,578 Gambian voters were called on Thursday (April 6th) to slide their marbles in one of the cans of the 1,422 polling stations for the legislative elections.


The ballot should allow 48 of the 53 deputies to hold seats for the five-year term of the Reverend Pye Lane Building, seat of the unicameral parliament of The Gambia in Banjul. 239 candidates from 9 political parties are in the running.

With about forty candidates presented, the United Democratic Party (UDP), party of Adama Barrow and member of the presidential coalition, wanted to show that it knows how to win elections. But the Patriotic Alliance for Reorientation and Construction (Aprc), the party founded by Yahya Jammeh, now in opposition, wants to prove that it still has the Gambian confidence. He put in the running 30 candidates.


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