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Update: “Coolest Monkey In The Jungle” Abusive Hoodies Bring Out Black Creativity [See Photos]

International clothing retail giant H&M has been in the news over the past week for obviously the wrong reasons. To give a brief synopsis of what happened, they actually thought it would be an awesome idea to have a black kid model in a hoodie with a “coolest monkey in the jungle” text inscribed on it for one of their online marketing campaigns.

This not so overly well thought of idea attracted severe backlash on social media. To add more insult to injury, they issued a half-baked apology which didn’t sit so well with people. After intense pressure and loss of a few partnership deals – including Ethiopian-Canadian artist The Weeknd – they finally issued a formal apology and withdrew the hoodie from their shelves.

Photo via penciledcelebrities on Instagram

Some black artists from all over however used this hoodie fiasco to come out with some really super cool designs and use it as a basis to debunk the negative black stereotype, after all, black is absolutely beautiful and we’re all kings and queens! Enjoy these photos.


I created this based off of @mrchrisclassic correction of @hm Error. A great role model and man I look up to wrote this message @mrchrisclassic : “I made this because I dont wanna see this young Kings face anymore with the shirt he was hired to wear by H&M. I'm almost certain the Persson Family and their $31 Billion wont care in Sweden but… this lil guy will see his pics and the mockery one day because the internet doesnt erase… so I just hope he gets to see this one or any like it that celebrate him.” . Tarajosu: I also want to say I don’t wear H&M or Zara or any of those types of brands. I wear offbrands and I don’t own more clothes than I can fit in my carry on luggage. I buy pieces that last or I make them last. Someone at H&M knew this would create controversy. So many issues to tackle. Don’t support brands that don’t support you. It’s simple. . #Mysavoirfaire #king #empowerment

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