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UPDATE: After The Brothers, The Cousins ​​Of President Jammeh Arrested!!


In Gambia, it is now the justice of the victors. Adama Barrow, who promised liberty and transparency, actually militates in nepotism and manipulation.

While Jammeh is in exile in Equatorial Guinea since his defeat in the last presidential elections in The Gambia, his family still resides in the Gambia, mostly in his native region around the eastern town of Kanilai. Mishandled every day.


For the past week, the police have been investigating the possessions of the former dictator, under orders from the Ministry of the Interior. Stores, farms, buildings, everything is recorded and the police are in charge of disentangling what personally belongs to Yahya Jammeh and what is in fact the Gambian State and was acquired illegally during his years in power. But at the end nothing was found but chimeras


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