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UNUSUAL: To Oppose His Forced Repatriation, A Young Cameroonian Man Defecates On His Seat On Airplane… (Watch Video)

The facts occurred a few weeks ago in a French air transport company. The French authorities had decided to repatriate a young Cameroonian in his country. While the latter had been handcuffed and put on the plane to forcibly return to his country, he had the small idea of ​​defecating on his seat, question of canceling the flight and forcing the company’s officials to lower The passengers of the plane.

From the moment the young man defecated, the unbearable odor of the waste spread on the plane, which led the passengers to go down immediately.

Obviously, the blow of the latter has worked. In the video, we can hear the young Cameroonian screaming “I won … Ah yes yes. “One way for him to say that he managed to cancel the flight, and therefore his repatriation failed.


The young man has also informed the officials of the company and the police officers that he will start again if he is still attempted to repatriate him. Moreover, he said that he is “a warrior, a child of the New-Bell neighborhood, a neighborhood known to be among the most difficult neighborhoods in the city of Douala. The officials of the company have informed him that he will go to prison for the act he had just committed. The latter said he was not afraid of the prison, and besides, he had already stayed there for 7 months.

At the last news, the young man was repatriated. The health department, in collaboration with the police, administered an injection that made him sleep until his arrival in Cameroon. In one of the pockets of his pants, the police introduced 250 euros so that he could easily join his family.


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